Sunday, April 1, 2007

See the Person, Not the Disability

Joshua had a friend, Michael. They'd been friends for years when one day Michael confided in Joshua telling him he'd never dated a girl. Joshua could see how Michael so desparately wanted to have this experience so he found a girl to go out with Michael.

Michael went on his first date with Meagan and things went well. He had his first girlfriend. One day Joshua saw Michael in the hall and could see he was distraught. He asked what was wrong and Michael told him that someone told Meagan he was autistic and she stopped seeing him. Though Joshua called Meagan to try to reason with her, and to suggest she look at Michael for who he is and not for a disability he has, she refused to listen or to go out with Michael again.

Joshua struggled with what he should do in the future because he did not want to risk losing Michael's trust. He wants to send a message ... see the person inside first before you see anything else, because this type of behavior "isn't nice at all."

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Note: Names have been changed.